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Feel free to join the minds that make this happen. All are welcome to participate in the enhancement and preservation of the phenomenon known as classic FPS. This community is for all those curious and dedicated souls who put their creative efforts towards the continuation of modding communities around the world. From Brazil, to North America, to Russia, WELCOME! If modding is not your thing, That’s okay! We offer a community forum for those who wish to ask question, find out about events and multiplayer games, or just hang out with like minded people. We strive to the UNITY back in community. Enjoy the gibs...

What is VGP?

Valhalla Game Plays started out as a humble Doom mods let’s play series and quickly evolved into a Multiplayer/Co-op experience via Zandronum. At first, we ran one server and used it mostly for recording shows. People began to discover it and clients were joining in mass! The initial game server was so successful, it has now expanded to be a 7-9 server instance cluster that runs dedicated 24/7 with the occasional down time for maintenance.

VGP also hosts a Doom blog that gives updates on server changes for the week. With all of this cool shit running all at once, responsibilities started stacking up. Yet the organic response of the growing community was to lend a hand. So what started out as a shit-show run by a couple of Linux junkies has become a collective of hard working and dedicated staff members that respect and love the community that VGP is creating.

COMMUNITY was never the intention. Yet, in the spirit of going with the flow, we have given this project up to fate and allowed those involved to sculpt it into what it is today.

According to Norse mythology, Valhalla is a great hall over seen by the god Odin. When valiant warriors would die in battle, they would enter the gates of Valhalla to feast with the warriors that came before them. After the feast, they would battle to the death until only one was standing. Odin would raise them from the dead and they would feast, repeating this cycle for eternity.

THIS is why we call ourselves VGP.

We are the warriors who feast and fight forever. Our battle grounds are the servers that we host. BUT immortality can only be obtained through the continued expansion of our great hall.

JOIN US TODAY and keep the mod community strong for generations to come!

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