I am the Miles Lowroad; custodian to classic FPS games, spiritual thinker, amateur electronics buff, and professional revolutionary! I am a semi well-traveled human with a big heart and love for humanity. Currently, retro PC gaming is my passion! I was born in the 80’s and grew up in the 90’s which, to me, was the best era for console and PC games a like. Aside from gaming, I love to learn. An old friend of mine told me once ‘when you stop learning, you die!’ I took this to heart. Now, I live to learn. Whether it be a new challenge at work, a new Raspberry Pi project, or a well practiced console mod, my spirits are lifted by the task! I’m the kind of guy that finds less satisfaction in the playing the game past modifying from its original state. This is where I feel the most whole: surrounded by wires, covered in flux, tweaking the code.

Curiosity and drive rule my life. Pure passion is its fabric. I thank the all mighty creator for that. A teacher once said, ‘free will is like a horse tied to 100 ft. of rope.’ The horse can manipulate that 100 ft. radius but nothing more. I feel fortunate to accept this as truth in my life, as well as love what I do. That being said, my purpose is to follow the path (dharma), no matter how hard or rocky, no matter how thorny or narrow. That is why I have chosen this name; Miles Lowroad. I travel miles and miles through this existence, always taking the path less traveled. Thanks for checking out what we have to offer. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop me a line. Be well fellow humans!

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