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Welcome to the offical Valhalla Game Plays news and bulletin board; bring you the latest in events and community projects for the VGP Collective. Feel free to contact us for any information, suggestions, or complaints you might have, or if you just want to participate! We are always here and looking for talented people to join our team.

Let's Play

VGP SERVERS - The many game instances of the Valhalla Game Plays Collective.

  • LATEST: Brutal_survival is back up and running.

The Latest

VGP NEWS - The what's happenings in the VGP and greater Doom Community.

  • LATEST: VGP is back in business!


VGP EVENTS - Events, competitions, and holidays.

  • LATEST: Map N Chill TBA
  • LATEST: Sunday Funday - Every Sunday

Community Projects

VGP PROJECTS - Map sets, mods, total overhalls.

  • LATEST: Project Timeskip
  • LATEST: Will ZT2 ever return?