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11/26/23 - Valhalla Game Plays to Reboot Community

By Miles Lowroad

We are proud to announce after a very long hiatus, we will be jumping back in the saddle as custodians of the Retro FPS universe. In a lot of ways, the core group is not the same as it used to be. Members have come and gone. Drama has insued. Personal trials and tributlations have tested our limits. Yet now we find ourselves full circle, ready to get back to basics. We have a new project that has revived interest in some of the core members. This is an opportunity for us to pick up where we left off, as a lot of the infrustructure has remained in place all these years. We look forward to mapping and chilling once again, as this will be the flame that sparks our journey. A big thanks to all the members who have held it down throughout the years and have not lost faith in the mission that was originally set forth. Two of our longest standing members and custodians to VGP, Enchanter and Louismustdie, are working on a new wave thriller mod for Doom called Project Timeskip. Look out for updates on this in the near future.

As always, we are looking for a few good men to help us with this project. As stated before, we are not operating in the same capacity that we were in the past. We are in need of back-end administrators, game instance moderators, web developers, and mappers/modders to join us in our efforts. If you or anyone you know are interested in joining the VGP team, please feel free to reach out to me directly via email. Further, if you are interested, but lack the skills to assist, I would be more than happy to train those who are truly motivated. We have 3 websites that need maintaining. There are 3 game related servers that need atteneding to. There are 2 community events that need attention and participation. Our hope is to one day regain our former glory and to be a helpful part of the Retro FPS community. Enjoy the gibs!